Job Responsibilities of Ticketing Agent

Position Description
Even though the airlines are in business to transport people from one place to another they could not function without the help of many people on the ground including those who take reservations and sell tickets as well as those who help keep the airplanes operating on schedule.

Job Responsibilities

  • Sells tickets for transportation agencies such as airlines bus companies’ railroads and steamship lines: Plans route and computes ticket cost using schedules rate books and computer terminals.
  • Ensures that cabins seats or space is available.
  • Describe venue layouts and seating locations.
  • Answers inquiries regarding airplane train bus or boat schedules and accommodations.
  • Call customers to advice of event changes and/or cancellations; as may periodically be required.
  • Provide superior customer service
  • May check baggage and direct passenger to designated concourse pier or track for loading.
  • May make public address announcements of arrivals and departures.
  • May sell travel insurance.
  • Maintain a current working knowledge of all events services and procedures by reviewing event information sheets and posted or verbal communication.
  • Strong customer service skills with the ability to resolve customer conflicts should they arise.
  • Read write and communicate effectively with co-workers and the general public.
  • Deal professionally courteously and tactfully with the public and co-workers.
  • Flexibility to work nights weekends and/or holidays when needed.
  • Light administrative duties

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